Classic-Parechocs. Stainless steel the alternative to Chrome

Classic-Parechocs. Stainless steel the alternative to Chrome.


An early 60’s Italian sports car, a family treasured oldtimer, a picture in a magazine, we all have fallen in love at some time. Then we have searched out, and found the beauty. We have devoted time to restoration, maintenance, had pleasant and unexpected surprises, made friends for life.

Chrome is often a recurring problem. A coat of chrome too thin showing rust signs after a couple of years, damaged or deformed parts returned, high prices  and few specialized sources are a well-known problem. Who among us has not already been disapointed by the end-result of his bumpers, re-chromed at great expense.


Classic Parechocs offers you THE solution. Bumpers in mirror polished stainless steel.


Our bumpers are made in stainless steel, the perfect material to produce bumpers. They are 100% identical reproductions of original models. Shape, fit and mounting brackets all accurate make them perfect replicas of the originals. Produced in very high quality stainless steel they are polished to a mirror finish after pressing and shaping. The end result  is identical to a chrome finish, but they are far more affordable and have a couple of advantages.


Why you should choose our bumpers ;


All our bumpers receive their final finishings by hand in our workshop in Villefranche de Rouergue (France dept. 12). We know our products, and there's most of the time someone present to pick up the phone and inform or advise you.

Classic Parechocs is a company established in France. Our products have fixed prices and European customers will not suffer any disagreable surprises like extra customs fee or VAT to pay when receiving their parcels. US and oversees clients please contact us for a transport quote.


Stainless steel doesn’t rust. Even after being exposed at lenght to polluting or salty environments, a thorough polish is sufficient for recreating its original luster. Your bumpers are made of stainless steel 304/1.4301/7 containing 19% chrome. This composition guarantees you protection against corrosion for the bumper life span, it might even well outlast your car.

If unfortunately you should have a minor accident, an experienced coachbuilder can reshape your bumper. A simple polishing well applied will then give it back its original beauty. A chromed bumper on the contrary would also need to be rechromed, which is terribly expensive. Also the tensile strength of stainless steel is tougher than that of chromed mild steel, which allows a better resistance to the hazards of daily life and motoring. All our bumpers come acid-etch primed and then painted inside with ICI two pack black epoxy.