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The Triumph Cycle Co. Ltd., started making Triumph motor cycles out in 1902. Major orders for the 550 cc Model H came from the British Army during World War 1 and by 1918 Triumph was Britain's largest motor cycle maker. The first cars where produced in the early 20‘s. In 1930 the company changed its name to the Triumph Motor Company. From then on their more upmarket cars used engines assembled by Triumph but designed by Coventry Climax, from 1937 however they started to make their own engines designed by Donald Healey. However financial problems and World War 2 made Triumph lose it’s independence. In 1944 Triumph was bought by Standard.
In the early 1950s it was decided by Standard to use the Triumph name on sporting cars and in 1953 the Triumph TR2 was launched, the first of a series that would run through to 1981. The success of the TR range is still undisputed hence our vast range of stainless steel replacement bumpers for these vivid and attractive little cars.